I am 12 years old -Michelle Yu – AP Camp 2019

Hi, I’m Michelle, and this year I got the opportunity to visit the Philippines for the AP camp. During this camp, I gained and experience many things that I could not experience in Vancouver. One of the things I gained is how to be more independent. For example, washing my own clothes. Another thing is that I could take care of myself even when my parents were not there to help me or support me. I could learn to support myself and others.

Another thing I gained is how to build relationships with brothers and sisters that I do not know. I learned how to ask questions that will keep the conversation going, such as questions that can be talked about for a long period of time or that will lead to a new topic. I think this skill is very useful to make new connections and friendships.

One memorable thing I experienced in the camp is going to the compounds and doing home visits. It took us a long walk under the sun to get there. When we got there, we gave out candy and balloons to the children there and made friends with them. This is one event I enjoyed the most in my visit to the Philippines, because seeing their smiles made it all worth it. I think after this experience, I really think it’s better to give than it is to receive.