How I enjoy meetings more – John Leung

Sister Violin’s recent reminder about our attitude in meetings (especially on Mon/Fri pursuing teams)—to actively involve yourself by body gestures and voicing out rather than be a quiet audience—prompted me to adjust my attitude. I have gotten used to being an audience, mainly because I enjoy listening to others’ prayers and sharings but don’t like to share mine. So as long as no one asks me to talk, I would keep silent.

By involving myself through voicing out, not only I am more attentive, but I can contribute to the meeting. Like others’ prayers and sharings, I am offering my love to the Lord and Father, and spiritual food for others to enjoy. I am no longer a mere spectator like I am following sports, which at least I would cheer or grunt while watching a game.

Joining meetings are more than just watching the proceedings and showing emotions. It is an act of love and commitment towards brothers and sisters and God. I treasure to take part in meetings.