How God blessed me in 2015 – John Leung

I never knew what to expect at the start of the year, because God always has a different plan for me than the ones I have planned. 2015 was no different.

Near the end of 2014, I had set some spiritual goals–I called it the “Big Five Anchor Points”–to motivate myself to be closer to God: 1) Think of the Lord immediately upon waking up, 2) Pray the precious prayers, 3) read and meditate on the Bible, 4) read spiritual books, and 5) spend time to reflect on the day. My initial expectation was to maintain these goals for more than two weeks, as I have a tendency of not sustaining goals beyond this period. But thanks to Him who kept me motivated. Although inconsistent, I am still maintaining all my goals as much as possible.

Aside from sustaining these five goals, God gave me various tasks and trials to help me to breakthrough and serve His family. With the increase of my weekly workout from twice to three times, I could set up and move tables and chairs at church more efficiently. I became more keen to join small-group fellowships throughout the week aside from the three major meetings. By a brother’s challenge, I would draw near to God with him at 8:30am, a time that I would refuse to wake up at in previous years. With the help of the Internet and my still half-decent Chinese, I translated a section of a spiritual book from Chinese to English first to help another group’s fellowship, then to share it to my group, so we could all understand why God created us. I have also been sharing some Bible truths with a brother twice my age, where before I would rather be the listener. Finally, God gave me the courage to preach the gospel through writing Christmas cards. All these are God’s way to use me to bless others.

The above tasks seemed simple, but the bigger challenge was to have the heart and will to undertake them. God, though various means, helps me to gradually be more brave and open to new and unfamiliar tasks or ideas. Also, because of this, He encourages me to focus on the more important things and worry less about my personal desires that aren’t part of His plans now.

In 2016, I know God will continue to mould and use me, whether I am to be more directly to testify for Him and preach the gospel, or to take on a more significant role in serving His family, I’m sure He knows what’s best for me.