Hopeful start for the new year! – Tuhien Trieu (Faithful Team)

During the first fasting prayer meeting of the year, I was very touched when we all prayed for our family members by name to be saved. As each one prayed, I felt the Lord’s love for them and that they are also my family members. I want them to be saved! I also desire for my dad, brother and sisters to believe in the Lord soon. Looking forward to many brothers and sisters’ families to be saved in 2022!

Also, I was encouraged by the sharings of the faithful team coworkers, the parents and Emma. The Lord was merciful for the youths to have the Sunday message on Jan 2. He wants us to follow the standards that He set for us. We should not let gaming or social media commercialize us and take our time and attention away from God. What impresses me most is the response of these brothers and sisters. When Emma took the initiative to consider and plan how to cut screen time, I felt her sincere heart and love to follow God’s way. I was also motivated to take more actions to arrange my time and day for the Lord. I sleep earlier and do not look at my phone early in the morning. This has helped me to be more productive. I want to continue this revival!

May the Lord help us to have a great breakthrough this year!