Hopeful in my ministry! – Amy Deng (Promised Land)

In the South India Coworkers Camp, my eyes were opened for how we can co-work more with God. I learned that when we pray for ministry, it’s not just about entrusting the matters or people to God, or waiting for God to do something somehow. But it is an active consideration before God to see how I can do more to help the situation or people. In this context, when we read about the parable of the sower in Matthew chapter 13, I realized that for the seeds that fell along the path, on rocky ground, or among the thorns, I can help to “cultivate” that ground so that the soil can be better – I can prepare people’s hearts to be softer and more ready towards God’s word, so that they can experience God more.

From the messages in the camp, I also became clearer of the goals for ministry. We need to help each person to have a deep personal relationship with God, to enjoy God’s family, and to become equipped so they can serve God and become glorious.

Now that I am back in Vancouver, I am a lot more active in planning for my own group, and in asking questions to try to improve existing arrangements. I am more sure of what I need to do, and more confident to make changes.