Hong Kong big gathering in 2024 – Anna Chen (Promised Land)

I joined the big gathering in Hong Kong on January 1st. It was my first time seeing Brother Fish in person. He was in a wheelchair. When he was put on the stage, he showed a victory sign to brothers and sisters. He couldn’t talk, but he could react to what others talked to him with one of his eyes. When Sermon talked about something happy, his eyes were smiling. When Sermon asked if he wanted to share anything, he opened his eyes big, trying hard to express what’s in his heart. I really treasure Brother Fish coming to the gathering. It was not easy for him to travel. Even though he is in such a condition, he still thinks about the church, brothers and sisters and ministries. When we sang “The Glorious Lord of Life” to him, I was touched to tears. Thinking of Brother Fish, the Lord and His love towards me, how could I not love Him? He’s so good to us. My heart cannot be numb. His resurrected power is so powerful.