His tender love confirms my faith – Crystal


Finally, my beloved child Jedidiah, got baptized today!  (April 19th, 2019). I have inexpressible joy!  Thank God that He fulfilled His word: “but that the works of God might be displayed in him.” (John 9:3)


Jedi was born prematurely after 24 weeks of pregnancy, and weighed 775 oz.  He suffered severe bleeding in this brain.  He began his life with various difficulties and challenges.  All the medical advice we received greatly and painfully burdened our hearts. This led to a whole lot of worries and pressure.  Many people would have felt this was a curse.  But God turns everything into beautiful blessings.  I have been praying that Jedi would believe in the Lord and walk his life journey with the Lord.  The Lord has been causing us to greatly experience His love for the past 18 years.


Thank God for His loving care.  His grace is truly sufficient.  There were times where we suffered painful distress, but He deeply consoled us.  When I despaired, He gave hope.  He imparted strength when I was so weak.  He gave peace when I was in fear.  He opened a way when I felt hopeless and at a dead end.  He carried me through the wilderness and brought me to the abundant land.  Now, I have come to understand more of Abba Father’s love.