His providence and timing is real and most perfect! – Teny Li (Promised Land)

From August to November last year, I was busy finishing up a practicum for my degree while working and studying for my board exams. In particular, I was worried about passing my boards since I heard the failure rate is increasing and even people with stellar grades failed the exam. The board exam cost >$2500 and I need it to obtain my license to work so I can pay off my student loans. I felt a lot of pressure to study well and had many anxious thoughts about whether I could pass. But I’m grateful a church sister prayed with me everyday in the morning and this helped me to use faith to trust in God’s plan even if things don’t go my way. Every time I had those thoughts, I looked up to God and saw His presence, which gave me peace. In the end, I did pass and I received a job offer on Dec 31, the last day of 2021. His providence and timing is real and most perfect.