His Glory and Beauty – Katy Law

After hearing about news of revival in Hong Kong and how greatly brothers and sisters experienced God’s presence in the meeting, I also longed to experience God’s presence like this.

In the morning teams on Monday and Wednesdays, Brother Sermon had been sharing about God’s presence. It deeply attracted my heart, that I wanted God’s presence and Him Himself above all. I felt that I need to treasure His presence more. I wanted to see His glory and beauty more.

I found that when I had this heart to seek for Him, He is passionate to reveal Himself. In the recent days I feel more attracted to the Lord. Every time I go to Him, I feel that He is so beautiful, full of brightness and overflowing with delight! Even during the times when I am going about in my daily life, I feel that such a beautiful, glorious Lord is with me and just waiting for me to take one glance at Him! He is truly the best in my life and He is fairer than all!

Furthermore, in recent Friday messages, I was reminded that Christ and the Church are one and inseparable! When I love the Lord, I also naturally love the Church. I experienced that not only did my love to The Lord increase, but my capacity to love this family also increased! I feel more free to love the sisters and feel that I have so much love to give!