His desire is the same at every stage – Katy Law

October 7th, 2015
In the “Give me a youth” Friday meeting I was very touched by the Lord’s desire for each one of us. I was one of the ones who shared how in 2007 the Lord revived me and how the Lord has led me to this day. I was touched seeing all the other brothers and sisters going up to share one by one. I felt that they were my close brothers and sisters and that we had grown up together.

When I saw these brothers and sisters and when I was sharing, I thought about how the Lord had been so patient with us. All He wanted from our youth, until now as young adults, to every stage in our life is the same. He wants us, He needs us to be His closest one. We may have experienced ups and downs but the Lord is so satisfied when we choose to give our heart to Him in every stage. I can see from all of our sharings, that when we choose to love Him, we are the most blessed and we live that stage of our life most meaningfully.

I am in a different stage now. How the Lord desires the same thing from me, I also want to respond to Him in the same way.
After the meeting, I wanted the Lord to be most satisfied by our response. I told the Lord that I still wanted to be close to Him. I wanted to be a better friend to Him now that I am closer to Him than before. I wanted to love Him more dearly. I want to spend more time with Him to be His closest one and His best friend. I not only want to give my youth to Him, but I want to give my every stage of life to Him. I want my first love to be for Him at every stage of my life!