Helping Children to have Kindness – Kerry Chuah (Alpha)

We spent a few weeks during Sunday fellowship talking to a group of Grade 3 children about one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit – kindness. I was very glad to hear that they took action at home and at school right after. One child stood up for his friend and confronted other friends who bullied him. We also told our children to be kind to their family. Eg. don’t ignore parents, have a good attitude and say nice things. One mother found that it’s easier to ask her daughter to take showers now. Another mother also saw the difference that her child now responds to her nicely by saying “Can I do this later?” instead of ignoring her multiple times.


Act of Kindness to Parent – Angela Chen

I asked my son Keyon to clean up his desk and organize the shelves in his room. In just a few minutes, he told me that he’s done. They looked clean and tidy from the outside, but it was a mess inside or behind the shelves. I asked him to redo it and he came back in 2 minutes and said he’s done. It was the same thing again. Keyon repeated the cleaning several times and got upset and frustrated and started yelling that he didn’t like doing this. He cried but continued to clean up his room by himself until it’s done properly.

After he was done, he wrote a card to apologize for his actions. Also, he put his only $100 bill (which his grandma gave him) inside the card to express that action was not acceptable and he promised that he wouldn’t want to do it again. He cried so hard that he regretted his actions and he didn’t want to do it again.

Since then, Keyon managed to calm down very easily when he started getting upset or about to yell. He is able to stop with a reminder. He smiles for his actions. I give thanks to God for this improvement at home. I’m very happy that he understands the meaning of being kind and respectful to parents.


Act of Kindness to Someone at School – Tim Kam (Gr 3)

On Tuesday at school, I showed kindness by stopping a fight. I experienced that when someone didn’t talk to the other person, the other person said he was a *** (bad word). So I said “I don’t think he looks like that. I think he just needs a break from you. Then you will be friends with him again”.