Helping Children to Focus and Walk Out the Truth – Michael Li (Alpha)

Starting in January 2024, we started having different arrangements for our Sunday fellowship. Instead of just giving messages where the children just listen, we had activities and workshops to help the grade 4 children to learn about the truth. In the beginning of the fellowship, we would have activities to help them focus such as getting them to listen to what others share and they need to repeat it, asking them to think and talk about a given topic without repeating, guess an object in another’s mind by asking yes or no questions. These activities helped the children to focus and their minds to be more active.

Additionally, we wanted the children not only to listen to the message, but walk out the truth of what they heard. We designed worksheets and tasks so that throughout the week they can remember the truth. The children are very engaged in the activities and are also retaining what they learned. Most importantly, they feel that they know Abba and the Lord more. They are closer to God, and they can experience Him more now.

Here are some of their works. They are encouraged to work on their handwriting as well.

Nathan Li

Will Tan

Victor Kan