Have more passion to love God – John Leung (Forest)

I treasure more my role in God’s family when singing “Home Sweet Home” in a recent lunchtime Zoom worship.  God reminded me not to be like the elder son in the prodigal son parable, where he only served his father but didn’t treasure the sonship enough.  I treasure that God gives me skills and attributes to bless others.


Brother and sisters’ sharing during last Wednesday’s meeting inspired me to be more motivated and proactive in meetings and when doing ministry.  Like Brother Jason described, I would let others be chosen to do more while I stay in my comfort zone, and I would argue when I was asked to take up more ministry because I was unmotivated and I didn’t want to fail.


During the grouping time that night, those in my group praised my attributes and that I could step up more and be a greater blessing.  While I accepted and appreciated the praises, I felt uncomfortable to step up until Peter praised another brother for his passion when doing ministry, that he always involves willingly and tries new skills even though he may make mistakes.


I want to have more passion when doing ministry so that my attributes aren’t wasted.  The Vineyard group’s sharings about their senior home ministry encouraged me to not just be a participant of the weekly fellowship with the Clarendon Court seniors, but to pray for them more, ask God how to bless them more, and to be ready to do more when asked.