Growing Through Challenges – Winnie Ng

As we near the 7 weeks of transition of Pandemic life, I give thanks more and more for this time of growth in my spirit, and the connection with brothers and sisters. If someone asked me what I would learn or improve in at the beginning of this I year, I don’t think I would’ve confidently been able to respond with “taking more initiative, worshipping more with brothers and sisters, doing exercise more and setting a good daily schedule”. It has especially been a great blessing to enjoy times of “Phone Sing Worship” together with brothers and sisters, and having a stable time to enjoy the presence of God throughout the day. Within 20 minutes, I feel my spirit is uplifted, closer to God and also to brothers and sisters. I also experienced the great hope and contentment in my heart. More and more, I also feel more brave for God in the hopes of Him coming back soon. I can’t believe during this time, we can do what we were doing, and continue to have greater breakthroughs in brothers and sisters’ families and lives, and keep that connection – perhaps even deeper than before. However long this situation may last, I am hopeful that we can continue to improve and be a great blessing to one another.