Grow in Him – Katy Law

Throughout these couple of weeks I reviewed with the Lord my past few years, how He has changed me and led me in my life. I am so thankful that I was able to give my youth to the Lord.

If the Lord did not change me, or if I did not choose to live for Him, there would be nothing significant in my life. However, I truly believe and feel that my life is significant now because I know what I am doing. Actually, even when I was younger, I already knew what I was doing and I tried to cooperate with Him. I know that as long as I keep this, my life would not be wasted but be the most blessed.

When I thought about this, I actually felt excited to grow up! Actually, in the past, even as a little girl, I never wanted to grow up. I didn’t see the point and I was afraid to face new things as I grew older. But now the Lord has helped me to set my mind right. I am excited to follow His footsteps even if I have to face new things. When I partner with Him, my life is an upward journey and full of hope! He is with me and there is nothing to fear! I want to let Him gain me every day and I am excited to live my days for Him!