Grateful for having You – Stephanie Qin

A few weeks ago, I took the first step and talked about baptism with my mom. Before I talked with her, I hesitated for many times and I was worried. Actually, through many sisters’ encouragement, I want to take the baptism. However, in my family, my dad is deeply affected by Buddhism and my mom doesn’t believe in anything, so I was worried that they would disapprove me to take the baptism, and maybe even would not allow me to go to church anymore. When I shared with my sisters from church about my worries, they shared their experiences with me, prayed for me and encouraged me a lot. I remembered Tuhien said: “The Lord came to the earth and was nailed on the cross for you, you can also do something for Him, like take the first step to be baptized for Him.”

When I talked with my mom, I shared my experiences with her about my changes after I believed in God. For example,I became a kinder person and now I am doing more volunteer work by joining many charity events to raise fund for the Orphanage in D.R. Congo, helped out in the gala dinner of Canada Cancer Society, and many more. From these experiences, I became more public-spirited and realized my value. I also became more grateful and outgoing as well, which is very different from how I was back in China. I told her all of these are because of the love of God and His family. I have changed a lot this past year. My mom said she noticed my changes and growth, and she felt happy for me. She encouraged me to talk about this with my dad who is affected by Buddhism deeply. I was so glad for her attitude towards Christianity and baptism. I was grateful to God for guiding me to talk with my mom and preparing her heart.