Good life needs good lifestyle – Rex Fong

August 16, 2015

This past two months, I have the chance to help out in the summer day camp full time. With almost twenty children and another twenty volunteers in the classroom, I saw how disorganized I was when I got sick only at the second week. All along I have had the urge to change, but I felt there were simply too many holes to mend. I needed some help.

As things got busier, it also got out of hand for me. Gradually, I went from packing lunch boxes to convenient food, garbage piling and clothes unwashed. I felt overwhelmed.

Thankfully, some brothers and sisters saw my lack. They patiently and and with detail taught me how to plan and quickly put together a good team. What a difference it made! Now summer day camp is definitely more manageable. I know I need to form a more discipline lifestyle so I can do more for God.