God’s Purpose for Me – Katy Lee Law

These days after the Bible reading Zoom meeting (Ephesians 1:1-12), I was reminded that the Lord has predestined me since before the foundation of the earth, not just to enjoy many blessings but to be glorious. He has a purpose and will for me. Thinking of this, I didn’t think God would’ve predestined me to just a life of chores and taking care of kids, however much I enjoy doing these. Or even to a life of teaching and work. My priorities have to be set straight. I see very clearly that I don’t want to just be a housewife who works from home right now. I still want to have ministry and be on the front lines. I want to be doing God’s work and help others.
Yet at the same time, I cannot neglect my kids because I’m doing this ministry. I need to strike a good balance, because both are important. Today’s parent meeting reminded me of exactly that…that my role as a parent isn’t something to be looked down on either. I’ve always had this awareness that my role as a parent makes a difference in my kids’ life. I’ve always wanted my kids to become ones to love God and glorify Him. It’s a different kind of ministry and a different learning opportunity. Being a parent has helped me to fine tune my own life and character so I can help fine tune my kids’ lives and characters as well. How I am and how I interact with them directly affect how they grow up to be. Also, how I design their schedule and activities, and the environment they grow up in, make a difference.

Being reminded of this is helping me to have direction and focus even during these days of self-isolation, working from home, doing church ministry from home, and running a household at the same time. Every day is meaningful and my life can be aligned with God’s will.