God’s Personal Love – Winnie Ng

One of my focuses recently has been showing care to more people I come into contact with. Just how God has a personal love towards each one of us, I also want to show the same affection to others.

In one recent instance, a friend reminds me again and again to treasure and show affection to those around me more. My co-worker shared about her relationship with her daughter and some of the struggles they once experienced, how they felt distant and had built up a wall of resentment. In the end she strongly feels she needs her daughter very much. I thought about how much time was taken to build up this relationship and the tears and hurt they had to experience. Knowing God is continuously with me and loving me no matter what state I am in, I had a sudden urge to want to hug her and her daughter for they lacked this type of affection towards them.

Everyone yearns for affection, for it is man’s greatest need no matter if they verbally express it or not. I can only pray that they can also know God’s love one day. Because of God’s love I am most loved, and I am encouraged to express love to the ones around me even more. (Matthew 22:36-40)