God’s Family is always with me – Tiffany Kwong

This month has been very stressful and the amount of schoolwork has been piling up. I wasn’t aware that the days have been passing by quickly. During school I was working busily and I haven’t been in contact with sisters lately. However, I noticed a message I received from my phone. It was Anson who is a very dear sister that I haven’t seen for a long time. She sent me photos of the Songs of Love hymnal with my first name on it. She had my hymnal! I wasn’t even aware that it had gone missing and Anson was the one who found it at one of the lecture halls. It was a miracle! I was so happy! We agreed to meet on Wednesday to have sharing and to support one another. I treasure how God understands Anson’s and my own needs! I shared this miracle to my classmate and he was very amazed as well and he said, “This book was meant to be yours.” And I agreed. My classmate was impressed with the hymns and was really interested in them. I hope to share my faith to my classmates.