God Treasures Me, and I Treasure God – Hanae Miura

Aug 10, 2015
During the church’s Friday night message meetings, I have been learning about David’s tabernacle (1 Chronicles 15-16). During my own time reading the Bible and drawing near to God, I was touched as I read that the proper way for the ark of God to be transported was for man to carry it by its poles. Previously, Uzza transported the ark by using a cart and ox and consequently died. The ark was a symbol of God’s presence. Seeing how God desired man to be the one to carry the ark by its poles, I was touched that the LORD God treasures man. God desires me to be close to Him and for me to be the one to minister to Him because I have a heart that can love and care about God. Man carrying the ark by the poles shows me that God wants a relationship with us and such a relationship can please God. We have a heart that can love God, treasure Him, and care for the things He cares for. The cart and the ox did not understand the importance of the task in God’s heart. Today, God also treasures me, desires for me to be close to Him and to be involved in His will. He also desires me to carry out His important commission in which nothing else can replace.