God is faithful! – Christina Kwan

A few months back, my future was placed in a random draw. As the final year to my degree, I have to complete a 10 month internship at a health authority, and I could be placed anywhere in BC. I give thanks to Abba and the Lord for their most detailed care and love that gave me assurance even in a time of uncertainty. In the end, I was placed at my first choice site, and I am able to stay in Vancouver and continue to go to church!! I could really feel Abba’s and the Lord’s most personal love for me, and I could feel them dancing and celebrating with me!

Now that I have started my internship, I recognize that there are many challenges that really push my mental, emotional, skill-based, and knowledge-based limits. However, I give thanks that I can rejoice each day with the Lord, and go through all things with Him. Living with the Lord through these challenges is training me up to be skillful for His will. He reminds me that He will mold me if I work with Him and the Holy Spirit, and that He created me with infinite potential! Also, remembering His grace gives me full assurance for the future, as I know He holds authority over all things, prepares the best for me, and has plans for me to prosper. Time and time again, He proves His faithfulness to me!