God Desires a Family – John Leung

A brother’s prayer in today’s fellowship led me to joyfully reminisce my years in God’s family. He prayed that God desires not just a lot of people, but a family.
When I first believed, I only knew that I was a Christian worshipping at church with other Christians. I thought that we call each other brothers and sisters because that is the title that we bear as Christians, but I didn’t realize that this is our true eternal identity. I knew that we need to outreach to people to join us, but unlike other meeting places or social clubs where the goal is to attract as many members to join them as possible, our church follows God’s will to gain souls and people who will love Him and to build His household.

Through the years in this family, I have been well-nurtured by brothers and sisters who dedicated their time and energy to help my spiritual growth. I have received countless phone calls, bookmarks of encouragement, and gifts of appreciation from them. Also, they would take time to support and understand me through personal talks, prayers, and fellowships with God. I have become very close to many of them and, as I grow, I have even supported and encouraged them in return. It is very precious that I can partake in walking out this truth and satisfying God’s heart.

From a recent Revival News blog post that I have read about the appreciation of being part of God’s family, I was reminded not to take the truths that I have obtained for granted. I have to cherish them and live them out. May we strive for Him together!