Give thanks and count your blessings – Aiden, Susanna, and Leon

So a month has gone by for our newborn, Aiden .

The Lord has taught Susanna and me to count our blessings and always give thanks.

From diaper supplies to clothes for Aiden, the Lord has been gracious. Aiden was born 4lbs and 13 oz, but now he is 8lbs. We were worried about his growth, but after he was born; we felt that Abba and the Lord has been taking care of us all.

We appreciate God’s love as well as the love from brothers and sisters. From our first message in Whatsapp during baby delivery, we saw brothers and sisters’ prayers and support throughout the whole conversations.

At times we sense the enemy is near, so we try our best to cast the work of the enemy far away from our family.

We hope and pray that Aiden will continually bring love and blessings to many of our family members as well as bringing our parents and our own brothers and sisters to know and believe in God.

Aiden, Susanna, and Leon