Give my time, give my youth to God – Jacky Lee (Promised Land)

This trip to the Bay Area was a very special and memorable one. During the trip, I took time off from work. I chose to enjoy the time with God and brothers and sisters. With the help and support from brothers and sisters, I found that I could wake up much earlier and have more time to spend with God throughout the day. And when I spent more time with God, I found that God really wants me to be close to Him, and He treasures the time I spend with Him, just like a friend would. Even though I did not experience Him when I was younger, God never gave up on me, and continued to call for me. He always wants to speak many words of love to me. I realize that I really need to treasure this friendship and give more of my time to Him, and I really want Him to speak to me every day. I give thanks that I could have deep experiences with Him on this trip, and I could pursue Him with a group of young and passionate brothers and sisters. As I spent more time with the youths, I felt that I also have a youthful heart, and I want to give my youth to Him.