Getting out of my thinking pattern – Winnie Ng (Promised Land)

When things become challenging or an experience triggers a negative feeling, I tend to fall into the habit of entering into many negative thoughts because I care about what others think of me or how I may have made them feel. I will enter into an endless cycle of thinking of what I could have done better to help the situation, or how I could have explained myself so that people would not misunderstand me. I may even go as far as digging things that have happened over the past 10 years. This causes me to go into a very depressing state. I feel sad but what’s even worse is that I feel bad for thinking in this way. At the end of it, it didn’t help me in any way and I knew I needed to find help. Catching myself in the cycle, I told my husband that I needed help. Immediately, he told me to wash the dishes. It sounds funny, but rather than listening to my endless list of sadness that wouldn’t solve my problem, he helped me to move my body to bring my mind to think of other things. It was hard at first to bring myself out of that state, but after starting to move my body and do some chores, my mind slowly stopped overthinking. Our mind and spirit are indeed related to each other. It’s a good reminder to take control of our spirit, mind and body, so that we can truly live a happy life.