Gains from the team time – Promised Land high school

Emily Zhang

The in-person team time has helped me to be more productive. I found that in the days I stayed at home, I would often slack off and waste a day. However, when I came to Marine Drive meeting place for team time and made a schedule for myself, it helped me to be more organized and I could start my day with God.


Ray Zhang

It’s so precious that we can come to this God’s family. The Lord is the one to make every one of us get together and enjoy Him together. The Lord talked to us through the Bible. I realized every truth in the Bible. Also, I always feel peaceful when I read the Bible. I want to give thanks to all the brothers and sisters for helping me to understand more about the Bible. I think reading the Bible helps me know more about the Lord, and I feel the Lord is so real.


Timothy Chow

During the team time this week, I enjoyed going through each line of the songs during the worship. It helped me to stay focused and go in depth with the truths. Through this way, I enjoyed voicing out my prayers more.


Heman Ho

For the past week, the Promised Land high school brothers and sisters have been coming to Marine Drive to build our faith and pursue God together. Every day, we all have our personal time, team time, and eat lunch together. I found this arrangement beneficial to my spirit in keeping my schedule clear and helping me have plenty of time with God. Since school is resuming on Monday, we will not come together daily, but I hope to continue this practice of drawing near to God and having deep personal experience with Him every morning.


Junior Cheng

Coming every day helps me to know more about brothers and sisters and feel closer to them, and I feel closer to God through praying to Him every day. I prayed for protection and blessings for everybody. That made me play less video games and wake up earlier.


Lena Yang

I really enjoyed all the team times we’ve had this week. Every time I joined, I was able to easily focus for the whole time. Not only did we practice and learn more ways to help us draw near to God, but we also spent more time with brothers and sisters. Also, I found it very useful to smile to the Lord more throughout the worships. Whether it’s doing the precious prayers or reading the Bible or singing songs, it made me feel happier turning towards the Lord and I felt I was really doing all this with Him.