Gains from North American camp – Stephanie Lee

In the meetings, what impressed me the most was that not only Violin wanted to sustain the work in Vancouver, but she also wanted the people in this land to know God. God’s name should be glorified in this land.

Through the sharing in the meetings, I saw clearly the Lord’s blessings to this movement from 1st to 3rd journeys, and how He has equipped and prepared us to be the great blessing to the world – He commissioned us, and gave us the everlasting way and finishing way to build the Church that is after His heart.

Though this movement faced many great challenges in the past years, we experienced the Lord’s wondrous works overseas as well as in Hong Kong even more.

We’re now in the 3rd stage of this movement in Vancouver. For sure the Lord wants to use us to bring true revival to this land and the English world as well. This vision really encourages me to live well for the Lord every single day.