Gains from North American camp – Katy Lee Law

Hearing about the summary of the 2nd and 3rd journey of our church made me recall my own journey in this movement. Putting it altogether, I could see that the Lord has been working in many ways, through many details in our personal lives and in the church’s journey, to bring us forward more and more. Everything is related and in God’s big plan; even things I felt were just about me had their connection to His will. I saw how many things in the 2nd journey were equipping us to do greater and greater things for Him in larger scale in the 3rd journey.

I was reminded that it’s important that I walk fully on the essence of this Everlasting Way and Finishing Way in order to really be ready to bring the great revival God desires. I’m motivated to keep on improving and also to help the younger generation grasp the essence so they can be revived, too! We will do greater things for Him in the coming days!