Gain from reading the book of Hosea – Penny Ng

I am moved by God’s faithful love towards the Israelites. God asked Hosea to take a prostitute as his wife, and she left with another man and bore children. Hosea later redeemed her back to be his. What Hosea experienced was representing God’s love towards Israel. From a logical standpoint, why would a man be willing to take an unfaithful wife, and even want to take her back, despite her affair, unless he is madly in love with the woman? It seems like this kind of storyline will only appear in movies. And I am stunned that this is how God loves Israel: “against logic”, despite her failure again and again. This is also how God faithfully loves me.

Secondly, I admire how obedient Hosea was towards what God asked him to do. I am sure Hosea also had true love towards his wife and at the same time he could understand how God felt. I can sense the friendship between Hosea and God, as if God also needed someone whom He can share His feelings to.