Gain from North American camp – Kerry Li

After the North American Camp, I can say I am super blessed to be able to persuade with brothers and sisters in vancouver. I did not know anything about God or how to experience before believing in our church. After hearing Candy and Tony’s sharing about other churches, how they had been taught about “Song of Solomon” and how they prayed to God, I realized that being in this movement and knowing the way to experience God is so precious.

Also, seeing all the works around the world, I felt God’s passions towards the church after his heart. He never ever gives up his dream and he is the most passionate. When I saw his works around the world, I do not want to waste my time and chance to strive on for Him.

After the camp, I decided to spend more time with the Lord and know about His will. I deeply believe that the Lord has truly commissioned us and He is with us. I want to strive on to cross the finishing line with brothers and sisters.