Gain From Lunchtime Zoom Worship – John Leung (Mighty Team)

I treasure how God’s continuous molding and guidance, along with brothers and sisters’ support, have helped me to be more glorious during a recent lunchtime Zoom worship.  Through singing “You in My Life” and “What I have Gained Is So Beautiful,” I thanked God for being in my life and that He uses me to bless others. 

This worship also reminded me of the recent Sunday messages on overcoming temptations, especially regarding “iron sharpening iron.” When brothers and sisters reminded me to correct wrong concepts or to improve in certain areas, I would feel offended and talk back at them because the reminders were hard to take. I thought that they were supposed to edify and encourage me, not to criticize me.  Through the lunchtime worship and recent message, I realized that “iron sharpening iron” doesn’t mean “sponge sharpening sponge.”  These reminders hurt at the time, but they helped me to grow stronger both emotionally and spiritually.

As I sang the songs during the lunchtime worship, I realized that God has molded and guided me through many life experiences.  Looking back, I realized how broken I was even as a Christian for years.  I was soft like a sponge and I blamed Him when hardships came because I couldn’t handle them.  He gradually built up my faith as I experienced Him and appreciated myself more through meetings and fellowships like the lunchtime worship.