From Strength To Strength, from Glory To Glory – Katy Lee Law

Kori is almost 9 months now, and as I’m getting ready for life after maternity leave, I am reminded of my birthday wish last year: I prayed to be a glorious mom. Violin reminded me and a group of moms recently that having a baby doesn’t necessarily signal the end of your ministry or a worse spiritual life. It’s actually a chance to apply the same pattern of life and the same practices into new circumstances. We need to learn to use these in a new way and not feel accused along the way. It made me realize that God has been using this new stage to increase my capacity and to help me have more breakthroughs. It’s like going to the next level in a game. You mastered this level, so let’s move on up! I guess this is true for every stage of life and all circumstances: facing the pressure of studying, work, marriage, kids, being old… The constant is that God is always in our lives, beside us and within us, working in and around us. God can use everything for our good. He is helping us to obtain the glory of Christ! Having this renewed mindset helps me face all things with strength and hope! Glory upon glory!