From LLH Student to LYN Volunteer – Samuel Gao

Recently, we have recruited a group of high school students to join a Love You Neighbour Club event. This group of teenagers were our past Saturday class students who not only gained academically from us, but now are motivated to give back to the society. Feeding the homeless people at the Downtown Eastside was the first event that they participate for volunteering, and they thought it was meaningful. and gained different experiences in their lives. Before we started to give out the sandwiches and soup, Granton told me that he had never come to the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood before, and he hesitated when he saw many homeless people. During the event, however, I saw Granton start to get involve and communicate with the people. After the event, I asked Granton if he wanted to do this again. He showed his interest to do more of this type of volunteer work because he had gained the benefits of giving.