From darkness to the most marvelous light – Irene Lin

It has been over three years since my baptism, three years since I got out of my darkness. Honestly, it is unreal to me that I have reached this stage of happiness right now. Three years ago, I didn’t know if I could finish school, get into the major that I was pursuing and make my parents proud. But to my surprise, everything worked out. I can tell you confidently that almost every day since my baptism, I have been feeling either content or very happy. Although I have experienced in these three years a huge amount of stress, difficulty to commitment, sadness from breakup and family problems, the Lord’s grace and cheer has accompanied me ever since the day I chose to put Him in my life. I am currently working at job that I absolutely LOVE. I have completed my university courses and I have learned to appreciate my amazing parents and crazy siblings. It is also to my disbelief that God has caused me to fulfill what I said that I would do on day of my baptism and go to impoverished countries to make a difference. It turns out that my graduation major requires me to volunteer abroad. I have already gone to Honduras and I will head to the Philippines in December. To be honest, it has been harder than I thought to do God’s work. Life has more commitments and responsibilities than I thought but when I think about the darkness that I was brought out from into marvelous light, I am more motivated than ever to keep myself cheerful and spread His light to others. I hope to continue to live meaningfully.