From babies to family to seniors—We are One Big Family!

On Sunday, September 7, we had a gathering for the family and senior groups. Through the sharings, brothers and sisters were able to know and appreciate each other more and learn from each other’s spiritual pursuit. One thing that helped each group progress was establishing a cell group meeting to pursue together. We were also touched that those (over 90 years old) who were blind, deaf and could not mobilize well, came up to share how they treasure to know God and come to church meetings. We were encouraged that in our different stages in life, we can still continue to love God!

In the latter part of the meeting, we had a special arrangement to bless the 7 babies born this year (Victor, Haniel, Nathan, Mika, Ian and Aiden). The first-time parents shared how they experience the Heavenly Father’s love more deeply as they care for their newborn babies. Then the elder brothers prayed for the 7 babies one by one, to ask for God’s blessing on them. Their parents really desire for their babies to grow up believing in the Lord, loving God and involving in this movement. It was a touching scene of church unity and the hope ahead!



在聚會的後半段,我們有特別安排:為今年出生的七個嬰兒祝福(Victor,Haniel,Nathan,Mika,Ian,Olivia 和Aiden)。初為人父母的弟兄姐妹分享他們如何透過照顧孩子更深体體會天父的愛。然後年長的弟兄逐一為嬰兒禱告,求神祝福他們。他們的父母都渴望自己的孩子日後能信主,愛神及與這個流有分。這個感人的場面令人感受教會合一及看見前面的盼望!