Focusing on the Lord to have a Positive Mindset – Maggie Wong

Recently the Lord helped me realize that I have been having incorrect mindsets for many years, which hindered me from enjoying worship and bible reading. I had a lot of wrong thinking patterns. I used to feel like it was such an obligation to join meetings, to have phone prayers and to read the bible daily. I would accuse myself whenever I did not draw close to God on a daily basis, or if I don’t experience the Lord’s presence when I read the bible. All these experiences shaped my mindset into negative thinking. But lately, with the help of zoom meetings, I am able to participate and enjoy time with the Lord at the convenience of being at home. I tell myself not to give in to my thoughts and that I need to ask the Lord to cast them away whenever they come.

I try to read the bible everyday, and If I don’t have time to do that, I will sing a hymn instead. Now I am gradually able to find enjoyment in doing those things day by day, because I push myself to adjust my thoughts. I don’t focus on myself and the way I feel, but rather on the Lord. He wants me to enjoy time with Him without feeling obligated.