Faith in Him in all things – Angela Lin

I have been working full-time and studying for my accountant designation since last December. Despite my busy schedule, I enjoy taking leisure walk with the Lord before I start my work in the morning. Last Thursday, I had a struggle as I was studying for one of the most challenging capstone courses. So before my leisure walk, I told the Lord that I wanted to lay aside all things that troubled my heart. I meditated on the Lord’s personal love towards me. He causes all things to happen for my good and that’s why I am in such an environment today (people, work, study etc). He really plans and protects my way! He reminded me that as long as I have faith in Him and listen to Him, He will prosper all the things I do. I study not because I want to get good marks, but He trains me to arrange my time more wisely and also learn to manage stress from work and study. He never meant to fail me in any area, but He wants to see me grow up through different experiences in life. After the leisure walk, I felt that I no longer needed to worry about the course! I trust that when I do my best, God will do the rest! The Lord is truly the one I can count on and move forward with!