Experiencing the Lord’s love with brothers and sisters in break bread meeting – Tiffany Kwong

On Sunday, February 21, 2016, the break-bread meeting was very uplifting and touching. It was beyond what I could imagine because words cannot describe how wonderful the meeting was. When we sang hymns such as “When I Consider Your Love” and “the Glorious Lord of Life”, I was almost touched to tears. I treasure the songs we sang because I could grasp how much the Lord lived a life as a Man to bear our suffering and shame on the cross. He truly loved us and His love for us is sincere. I wanted to voice out early as I was so touched, but thankfully a brother prayed out what I really wanted to say. “Though we were once away from You, You bore our sins. Your love for us will never change.” It wasn’t just the meeting itself was precious, but the presence of God and the Holy Spirit. I could sense that I was not the only one experiencing God because bothers and sisters were touched during the meeting too. I will cherish that moment and remind myself how wonderful God’s love is to man.