Encouragements from Elders and Deacons’ Sharing – John Leung (Mighty Team)

The elders and deacons’ sharing during the meeting when Paul was ordained as an elder encouraged me.  Like those who shared, I also have limitations and feel unworthy to do God’s ministry.  I often think that others are more significant and capable than I am because they can do more, while I’d only be a burden and disappointment.

Through the sharings, I learned that the elders and deacons aren’t superhumans with exceptional capabilities.  However, they didn’t let their weaknesses or limitations define them.  They became who they are now because they love God and rely on Him to overcome limitations and weaknesses.  They also have brothers and sisters’ support.

Abby’s sharing about how the parent eagle patiently teaches the baby eagle how to fly reminds me of brothers and sisters’ patience with my personal and spiritual growth.  Like the baby eagle, the best I could do to “fly” spiritually is flapping my wings, despite having believed in God for many years.  Brothers and sisters’ numerous gentle reminders, Biblical truths explanations, and praises for me helped me to increase my faith in God and be more mature.

Through Anissa’s sharing about senior brothers and sisters’ improvements and Azra’s praise on the Alpha group brothers and sisters’ growths, I realized that age doesn’t determine personal or spiritual improvements.  We can improve and glorify God at any age if we love God and are willing, and when we listen to and act on God’s commands like Peter did during his Zambia missionary trip.

We can overcome our weaknesses or limitations with a positive mindset, a willing heart, and sufficient faith in God.  We can do more and go further with brothers and sisters’ support.