Embracing New Ministry: Serving Children with Special Needs – Azra Kong (Alpha)

Azra Kong (Alpha)

This year, I tried a new ministry field, joining lower grades in Alpha (I used to serve grades 5-7 children). I give thanks to God that I have more opportunities to understand the needs of different children, especially those who have special needs. As I didn’t have any experience working with children with diverse needs before, I found it difficult at first. But it urged me to rely on the Lord more. I practiced turning to Abba and asking for His advice every time before giving a response to children whenever a challenging behaviour arises. I felt the Lord wanted me to help this group of people and their families.


One time, when I helped a young child to settle his emotions, I brought him to a quiet room, and he suddenly shouted “I am not feeling well!” This sentence struck my heart. I wondered how Abba felt when He heard this child’s cry. I also want to understand what these children are facing and what kind of struggles they have. God gave me an idea to study about inclusive education in Canada. In this way, I can have the common language to outreach to families with special needs children and put myself in their shoes.


I give thanks to God that we had our first parent meeting with non Chris parents who are facing different challenges and require more support. We took the courage to talk about how God motivates us to love and pray for their children. We even prayed with the families. I really give thanks to God that we take a big step to bring the non-believers’ families to know about God’s grace and mercy. Below are some of the feedback from the parents after the meeting.




我覺得在分小組聽家長分享挑戰時,家長與Vicky (講員)互動時給我有提醒和啓發。幫助我更注意怎樣和孩子傾談和跟進她要做的事。另外很深刻 Jesse、Vicky、 Jassica 和 Azra 的分享。我感受很有盼望,無論是自己還是其他家長所面對的挑戰,因為當中有神的幫助和祝福!感恩有這樣的平台,有資源,有支持,有交托代禱,讓一班同樣面對育兒挑戰的家長走在一起,彼此支持、鼓勵、抱團前行!


我邀請參加講座的 Jade的反饋:我覺得挺好的,給大家機會傾訴一下各自的困難和交流經驗.」