Don’t delay and step up – Vicky Kwan

The messages that Violin shared in this camp were not something new, but through the meetings and worships, the Lord personally called me again to take up the task and finish His work. It is not like a boss calling his staff but a beloved calling for his darling. He needs me and my love response now. Do not delay anymore and make excuses like ” I can’t do it” or ” I am afraid of this and that”. Instead, He reminded me to sharpen myself by just picking up what I need to do. it is by practicing more that I can be skillful at it. Therefore, one thing I started doing after the camp was learning new songs on my own to improve my worship and mediation. It might sound simple but it has always been a challenge for me as I am not musically talented. Through this, I enjoy more personal worships with Him and lead more younger sisters to enjoy worship as well.

How brothers and sisters pursued in Stage 1 really inspired me. Technology and transportation were not as advanced. Yet, they were able to come together to draw near to God 7 days a week and pay the price to be close to God. Their passion toward God helped them to build a strong foundation. This encourages me to walk this out and with sisters. Although I can foresee struggle with my bed and sleep, pursuing with sisters and enjoying time with God are my joy ahead to overcome my struggle. By continuing this good practice along with what we have gained in stage 2, we can certainly improve our spirit.