Deeper understanding of the Lord’s earthly journey through Bible study – Amy Man

​The ​Wednesday Bible stud​y has helped me to understand God more. ​One ​recent Bible study​ was about​ the physical and mental suffering​s​ of ​the ​Lord Jesus. This is not an unfamiliar topic, but ​I gained some ​new insight​s​. For instance, Violin mentioned that it was ​​mental suffering for the Lord when ​H​e saw ​H​is loved ones (e​.​g. ​His ​mother Mary) watching ​Him die. Also, on the cross, the Lord experienced extreme dehydration, and He said, “I thirst.” Pondering on these​ broadened my understand​ing of ​the ​Lord Jesus’ suffering and experience as a Man. I know more about ​H​is understanding with sympathy for our needs and ​the ​challenges​ we go through in life​.