Continue to Improve in worship! – Tuhien Trieu

Aug 10, 2015
Yesterday we had the crystal coworkers dinner at my place and enjoyed so much. We shared of our improvements in the past 2 months. Though this year, we did not have our regular training on Saturdays at the park with Violin, yet we enjoyed the Saturday team time. Many of us improved in our personal time and involvement in the meeting.

Personally, I have also improved in my meditation in worship. In meetings and during my personal time, I can focus on the Lord more and consider the truth with development and help from the Holy Spirit. I experience light from God and understand His heart more. In yesterday’s break bread meeting, I was touched that though God does not need to sacrifice as He is perfect, yet because of us, He sent the Lord as the perfect lamb to be our sacrifice. Because we belong to Him and what concerns us concerns him, He became the lamb of God to redeem us to Himself. This shows how much He desires for us. And also, He is not an ordinary lamb. He really offered His whole life span from the manger to the cross. He really took time to offer Himself. He really looked forward to be the sacrifice. We mean so much to Him!