Coming to Vancouver… Believing in God … Getting Baptized … This is God’s beautiful plan to bring me into this family – Cody Leung

Back when I first came to Vancouver, my only aim was to study and finish a bachelor degree in a university. And I had a clear mind of how my life would be: study, graduate, find a job, earn as much money as possible, then retire. At that time, my life was all about money. “If you earn more, you could buy more.” That was my principle. Money could fulfill all my material needs and allow me to live a luxurious life.

But after I believed in God, I realized that there was something that we could not buy with money, which is the need in our spirit.

Before I believed in God, I prioritized money on top of everything. But after I believed in God, I started to change the priority to God, church and brothers and sisters. I would like to follow God’s direction to live my life and help more people. I think that life is like an onion: there are many layers in an onion, just like there are many things to do in my life. For the outer layer in the onion, it is the things that are less important in our life, (e.g. for me, playing basketball and rugby are the things that could be peeled off). But for the core of the onion, it can’t be taken away. For me, the core of the onion changed from “Money” (in the past) to “relationship with God, church and friends” (now). I feel that my life is more meaningful now. I am not living only for myself, but also for the church and brothers and sisters. My ultimate goal is to help more people and make more people feel happy.

There are some questions that Rex asked me before baptism:

Why did you decide to get baptized?

I think that after I believed in God, it is just a natural thing that I had to do. Baptism is a process for me to show my commitment to God, and to show my confidence to follow God’s will. Also, I could feel closer to God after that. God really affected me so much with His love to me. I am so touched that He brought me into this family. I am no longer the lost son, I have found my way to live my life. And I want to be a blessing to the people around me.

Why did you join this family?

I am really attracted by the love of this family. I remember the time when I first came to 123, I was welcomed by so many brothers and sisters! I felt the bonding between the brothers and sisters in this God’s family. I realized that this was what I wanted! I just wanted to be a member in this family, so that I could really help the brothers and sisters and God to build the church.

What is your baptism wish?

My baptism wish is to help build the biblical church with brothers and sisters; also that I could know how to love God more, how to rely on Him, and how to be close to Him. Our group is named “Living Stones “, but I don’t want to be just a “stone”, I want to be a pillar to support this family. I love the church, so I will try my best to be more involved, so that I would be able to improve myself and encourage more people.