Closer to God & God’s family – Joanna Zhao (Grade 7)

We ​had a 2​-day sleepover at Tuhien’s place​.​ At the sleepover I got to learn more about ​one an​other​. We​ laugh​ed​ together and bond​ed​ with ​one an​other more. ​Moreover, ​I got to worship the Lord and the Father more. I ​then truly​ underst​oo​d and realize​d​ that the Lord and the Father love​ me with all their heart and that they would do anything to gain me back.

On Sunday, we learnt the importance of using faith to worship. This week I tried my best to have more faith in the Lord and Abba. This really helped me​ by giving me hope when I feel like giving up.

I started to do the sweet kneel every morning. Doing​ so helps me to think of the Lord​ and Abba more throughout the day!