Church History Tour 2024 – John Leung (Forest)

I treasure this movement more when I joined the church history tour on Sunday.

When I joined a similar tour fifteen years ago, I just felt that visiting previous church meeting places was cool because I had only heard about them without being there, since the first meeting place I joined was at 123 and the nearby Boys and Girls’ Club.  I felt like I was studying history, rather than treasuring God’s love towards the church.

As long-time believing brothers like Peter and Godwin recalled their memories and described the significance of each meeting place, I felt God’s love and guidance towards them and the early batch of brothers and sisters.  They treasured meetings and enjoyed God’s presence at old houses or at an abandoned warehouse instead of in glamorous structures.  They had personal and family time at a nearby park; they also had fellowships and gained souls at the nearby Britannia High School.

I admired brothers and sisters’ pure heart and strong faith towards God while living a simple yet fruitful life.  I also treasured how God increased the church in number and blessed them with bigger meeting places.  God had grown the church from a humble beginning of three brothers and sisters to almost 200 by the time I joined the movement at “123” in 2006.  I am glad to have grown with a stable group of fervent and pure-hearted believers and to have met and pursued God with new ones through the years.

Memories of fellowships, special events, and doing ministries resurfaced as we arrived at 123.  I remembered ringing the doorbells or rushing up the stairs with a cup of coffee because I was often late for meetings.  I also remembered helping to cook meals for the church under brothers and sisters’ gentle and patient guidance.

Witnessing God’s guidance on the Vancouver church with those who joined the movement at different eras was special.  Our memories may be unique, but they blend well together into a glorious picture of love in God’s family and faithfulness to God.  This tour encouraged me to live closer to God and love God’s family more.