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Mother’s Day Celebration

The recent Mother’s Day Celebration was an extraordinary festivity. The children were given opportunities to express their love and appreciation to their moms and respected

欣欣向榮家庭組慶祝母親節 Mother’s day celebration

闔府統請之母親節慶祝晚會,吸引了過百位朋友們參加。看!連嬰兒、小孩們也跟媽媽一起載歌載舞,整個會場湧溢著歡欣快樂的氣氛。 Go Happier hosted a family event to celebrate mother’s day on Saturday night, May 10th. They had over 100 friends aged 0-60+. Please refer

Baptism Celebration

April 20, Easter Sunday; 1-2:30pm They were all so happy to host a baptism for two sisters, Elsa and Christina.  They celebrated their love union