Youth & Young Adult

We went skating!  – Lena Yang (Promised Land)

This holiday season, Promised Land youth are excited to have many fun events planned and inviting new friends to join us! Recently, we had an Ice Skating event inviting many of the Love Your Neighbour Club members from different campuses. For many, it was their first time on the ice, but everyone helped each other out and it was an enjoyable time for everyone to get to know each other.

Be Strong, and Love More – Amy Deng (Faithful Team)

This trip to India was very special, because I felt the Lord’s personal encouragement and guidance on how to improve in ministry. When we first realized that Violin was not going to be able to join the camp in India, it dawned on the team that we would have to take up more. That next morning, when I started to pray for India, the camp and the upcoming meeting during my personal time, thoughts and worries about my performance started to come. What if I did not know the needs of brothers and sisters well enough? What if I gave

My Global Family – Jacky Lee (Promised Land)

From this trip to India, I experienced the love and unity of the global family. A practice that helped me a lot was to take a look at brothers and sisters before the start of each meeting, and say to myself, “These are my brothers and sisters; I treasure them a lot.” It helps me to open myself up and feel free to share with them. During my free time, I would often think of brothers and sisters, and I would prepare questions to ask them when we have partner time together. I feel that brothers and sisters are also

Thanksgiving Dinner – Lena Yang (Promised Land)

This Thanksgiving we had a fun and memorable party with many new friends at our gracious hosts Vicky and Jesse’s house. Playing games, getting to know each other, and enjoying the delicious food, it was a great way to spend the holiday. We’re really thankful for this group of youths, and we welcome anyone who would like to join us for future activities!

Learning Spanish! – Lena Yang (Promised Land)

We’re lucky to have Spanish brothers and sisters with us in Promised Land that can teach us more about the language! Not only is it interesting, but it’ll be very useful for our brothers and sisters that will be traveling to Houston in December to know how to communicate with the Spanish new friends there!

Summer Mini Fun Fair

Lena (Promised Land) On September 11th, we had our first ever Funfair at RCC! Funfairs have long been a tradition where different groups prepare games, food, performances, and informational booths about our various programs and charity work happening around the world. Not only was this year’s Funfair special because it was the first we’ve had since the pandemic, but also because all the proceeds generated from it would be used to support the Zambia School Building Project. Among all booths, we were especially impressed with the special performance by the younger kids featuring their own skit with acting and voice

Unforgettable Moments in Vancouver – Jerry Zhang (Promised Land)

As I look through the photos during my stay here in Vancouver, I am reminded again of why I love this place so much. It is because of the wonderful people in this Church. In particular, the brothers and sisters in Promised Land really made me feel at home. I remember being impressed by how responsible they were whilst taking care of the children at Summer Day Camp. I recall working together in unison to get our themed t-shirts printed before the Family Fun Day. I smiled when I thought of the games, sports, and laughs we have had. I

Family Fun Day Recap (August 2022)

 On Sunday, August 21st 2022, we had our whole church Family Day at Sunset Community Centre! It was filled with joy, music, and love. From our youngest children to our senior group, we all treasured celebrating God’s family. Since we are meeting at different locations on Sundays, we do not have much opportunity for all brothers and sisters to come together regularly. That’s why we really treasure this day that we can meet and talk with everyone, some of whom we have not seen for a while. Each group involved and contributed by preparing a song, dance, or whatever they found best

Build up myself for the Lord – Vanessa Dang (Promised Land)

If I had not gone on the Bay Area trip, I would still be stuck in a vicious cycle of my bad habits no matter how hard I tried to change them. The structured schedule that was planned out for the trip really helped me to make a decision for myself. Before the trip, I always felt that I had little to no time for God. After the trip, I made the decision to commit the effort to continue living out a good structured schedule. Not only does this decision give me plenty of time to do what I need