Pre-teens & Teens

A memorable sleepover – Esther Li (Grade 7)

In May, I had my first sleepover with the sisters ​in Christ. Though I had gone to many other sleepovers, I felt ​that​ this one was different. At the sleepover, we all had the chance to pray and worship God during (and between) our daily routines. We even went to a cemetry to draw ​near to God​! By the end of the day, we got to know each other more and more. Even though I had to leave early to finish my project, it was a memorable experience and ​I​ hope that the Sunshine ​G​roup will be able to host

The turning point in my relationship with God – Sunshine Group

Victoria Kan I believed in the Lord when I was very young, but my faith decreased after I entered university. In the first year of university, I told God that I needed a break. I took a six-month break and during that time, I did not talk to Him at all. I started drinking, playing mahjong, and went to karaoke a lot with friends. At first, I found it very fun and exciting. However, the more I did it, the more I felt empty. One night I cried to Him and asked Him if I can go back to Him.

The turning point in my relationship with God – Pillar Group

Truman Ho When I was younger, I didn’t like to read the Bible. When Sharon gave me a picture Bible, I got really attracted to the pictures and the war stories. So I started to read the Bible from David. Devin Liao In Camp, 2009, I experienced God’s love. Back then, I involved less in Church meetings, now I can enjoy more. Heman Ho When a brother shared a message about Revelation, I got interested and started reading the Bible myself. Timothy Chow When I was young, I didn’t like going to Friday night meetings, but then God told me

My personal experience with God – Sunshine Group

Sofia Chau After I quit my first job, I was jobless for almost a year. My savings were almost gone and I was worried sick about how to survive once I’ve spent my last savings. I prayed to God. He understands my worries and my needs. When I was reaching to my last ~$500, I got a job. And it’s one that suited me. Alice Tan I had to take a driving test, but it was raining very hard. I was very scared so I prayed to the lord to stop the rain. When I got into the car with

My personal experience with God – Pillar Group

Andy Yung After one of my P.E. classes, I realized I had forgotten my locker code. I had left my homework in my locker and was very worried about it. I prayed to God and He gave me peace and helped me not to worry. After that, I went to class and my teacher let me hand it in after school. Elon Suen One summer after I graduated from post-secondary school, I went to Fiji to volunteer and visit the Church there. I was hit by a car and experienced a lot of pain. Every morning, I sat under the

I am convinced that God is Real – Sunshine Group

Sofia Chau Before my mom passed away from cancer, I was pondering about life without her. My mom was someone who always has everything ready and prepared for her children. The feeling of loneliness would creep up from time to time, until one day I opened the Bible and read a verse that said, “I will not leave you orphans….” I felt a sudden warmth and comfort surrounding me. I was at peace. After my mom passed away, I can feel that the phrase, ‘She’s at a better place,’ became so true for her and also for me, as I

I am convinced that God is Real – Pillar Group

Truman Ho I prayed to God when I broke my wrist. I prayed that I would heal quicker. I knew God is real when He answered my prayers. My arm healed twice as fast as expected. Heman Ho I experienced God when I sprained my ankle and that same day we had to go running for PE. It started to rain before I started to run, so it got postponed. I had prayed to God. Jeffrey Chow Every time I feel lonely, I feel someone else being with me, keeping me from feeling lonely. Timothy Chow I felt God is

My first thought about God’s existence – Pillar Group

Hong Yan I never considered about God when I was young. I always thought of it as someone’s fanciful imagination or a crutch that people relied on. I scoffed at people who believed in various spirits and religions. I treated them all as superstitions until one time I really heard about Jesus and the Bible. I was in high school at the time and I met a Christian after school. He talked to me about God, but I didn’t really believe anything he said until he started to show me evidence about Noah’s ark. I was amazed by this because

I am happy to be in Vancouver – Esther (Costa Rica)

From the first meeting in Vancouver, I could really feel the Lord’s presence among us. It was moving to hear the passionate prayers of brothers and sisters and to see their sincere hearts toward the Lord. I was so happy to see how involved everyone was in the meeting, and I was able to enjoy every moment of it.